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Organic Produce

Here at Brandner Farms Organics, our produce is grown 100% withoutpesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, chemicals and other toxins.

Fruits and vegetables are at the core of a healthy lifestyle. They provide you with the vitamins and minerals, macro and micro nutrients you need to thrive. 

At Brandner Farms Organics, you will find only the safest, freshest produce, with no risk of chemicals and harmful synthetics. 

We are committed to reducing the toxic burden in your lives, one bite at a time.


Brandner Farms Organics strives to bring you fresh meat that is both grass-fed and grass-finished. All of our meats are 100% organic, contain no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals and are safe for your family to enjoy.


Are you considering organic but don’t want to give up the dairy products you love so much?

Enjoy the rich taste of Brandner Farms Organics’s dairy products without the toxic risks.

We want to make the organic lifestyle doable, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. That is why we offer loads of option and variety.

Brandner Farms Organics dairy options extend from cows milk, to goats milk, chocolate milk and creams, to a wide selection of cheeses, and so much more.


We are happy to offer you fresh homemade baked goods straight from our kitchen to your table. True artisian sour dough breads, are a work of art and our fresh pastries will tantalize your tastebuds. All of our mouth watering goodies are made with 100% organic ingredients. You can even find some Vegan and Glutin free options.

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