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- Our Organic Approach -

Our Organic Commitment 

What does organic mean to you?

• Wholesome • Nutritious • Rich • Flavourful • Clean • 

Safe • Sustainable 

Choosing an organic diet is all of these things and so much more…

Choosing organic means you are choosing:

  1. Optimal health 

  2. You are supporting safe and sustainable farming. Meaning you are participating in protecting the land and our water systems 

  3. You are saying no to the diseases caused by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

  4. Choosing organic means you are choosing energy and vitality


Be a part of the movement, join the community of people choosing health and happiness by making the switch to organic foods.

Our Organic Approach

We view organic farming as environmentally friendly farming… you know, the way grandma and grandpa used to do it. One of our many priorities is developing fertile soil by rotating crops, using compost, manure and cover crops.

We use various methods to attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and black wasps, seeking to build natural habitats for birds and reptiles with these practises. All of the above play a major role in pest control and work to build a sustainable environment.



Without the use of synthetic fertilizers, and persistent toxic chemicals, irrigation from our naturally filtered deep well water is safe and clean for our produce and your body.



Organic foods absorb greater amounts of high quality minerals due to healthier soil & longer growing times.



Our seeds are GMO free, meaning they are not genetically modified organisms. Choosing organic foods is the only way to avoid GMO’s.



We are not made to consume chemicals. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on any of our organic foods.

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